Tips to Protect Your Business Network System

                In a recent study, American law firms were listed as the 7th highest target for cyber criminals. A new phishing attack which targeted lawyers by purporting to notify the lawyer of a disciplinary complaint was so widespread that in the past year 15 state disciplinary authorities have issued formal warnings to their attorneys.


How safe is your network? Here are eight tips:


  1. Employee Training: It is imperative that all employees be aware of the risks and know the following:
    • Do not click on unknown links.
    • Do not open attachments from unknown senders.
    • When you visit secure links, such as your bank, do so directly and not by a link.
    • Always check the website address. Hackers can make it appear as if they have sent their email from an authorized site. However, if you hover on the address, the true address will appear and if it does not match the authorized site name, it is a phishing expedition designed to do you harm.
  2. Use strong passwords
  3. Back up your system and keep the back up separate from your network.
  4. If you use the cloud for storage, make sure you control the encryption key.
  5. Install bonafide updates.
  6. Maintain clear and effective policies on remote access users.
  7. Set your system to capture log data for forensic purposes in the event a breach occurs. This will assist the authorities in their investigation if you are a victim of a cyber attack.
  8. Purchase a quality Cyber/Privacy breach policy such as SafeLaw offered by Kaestner & Berry.