Missouri Lawyer’s Weekly recently reported that Kaestner & Berry Professional Insurance Services is tied for second place as the “Best Malpractice Insurance Provider” in the area. This is a great honor and highlights the value Kaestner & Berry provides to our clients.

There is a common myth about the insurance industry that the use of an independent insurance agency, like Kaestner & Berry, increases the cost of insurance. This is not true! In fact, a good independent agent actually drives down the cost of insurance through our knowledge of the marketplace and our ability to obtain competitive quotes from over a dozen different companies for law firms in Missouri, Kansas and Southern Illinois.

Other companies on the Missouri Lawyer’s Weekly list typically only have one product to offer you. In effect, they have one arrow in their quiver to offer to their customer. As an independent agent, Kaestner & Berry works with over a dozen different companies. We have over a dozen arrows in our quiver. This flexibility allows us to provide the best coverage for Lawyer’s Professional Liability Insurance at the best price for our clients.

Kaestner & Berry will also save you time. You could spend countless hours trying to sort through the various policies and premiums offered by the many competing companies in our market, and complete multiple applications or you can rely on the fact that Kaestner & Berry specializes in insurance coverage for law firms in Missouri, Kansas and Southern Illinois.

Thank you for the trust you place in Kaestner & Berry. This year Kaestner & Berry was voted the second “Best Malpractice Insurance Provider”. We are working hard to be the BEST next year!