Kaestner & Berry works with many different underwriters to obtain the best coverage and pricing for you! Underwriters have different guidelines, however, in the big picture they charge based on the following criteria at your firm:


  • The number of attorneys that will be insured at the firm. (A few underwriters also charge for paralegals).
  • The hours that the attorneys work for the firm. Most underwriters provide some type of discount for “part time” attorneys. This discount will differ from underwriter to underwriter.
  • Area of Practice. The underwriters charge a different rate based on the type of practice that you have. For example, criminal law is statistically a very low risk area of practice. As a result, the more time you identify as practicing in this area of law, the lower your premium will be for. Some other areas of practice, certain underwriters will not even provide a quote. A typical example is that many underwriters will not write a plaintiff firm that does medical malpractice work.
  • Claims and disciplinary issues. The underwriters differ greatly on how they handle claims and disciplinary issues. We have worked on many difficult accounts to obtain the best rate for our clients in these situations.
  • All underwriters have a different rate based on the state out of which your law firm practices. Some underwriters have different rates for certain “high risk” cities within the state. So if a friend in a different county tells you of a carrier offering a great rate, be alert to the fact that you may not receive a similar great rate.
  • Office procedures are important. Procedures such as a dual calendar system, a conflict check system and not suing clients for fees, help keep your premium low.

As an independent agency, we are working for your law firm. Our goal is to match your firm to the carrier that will best suit your needs.